The Review Mama

“If you’re good at it, and you love it, and it helps you navigate the river of the world, then it can’t be wrong.”

                             —The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Sherman Alexie

There is an “My Story” section on this site, but it just gives a run down of the basics. I started this blog to feed my need to creativity–for writing and for reading. I work in higher education part-time (but do full-time work) as a coordinator and an academic coach, and with the rest of my time, I am a Mama and a wife. At my job I make a difference, and I am able to help students when they think no one on campus cares about their particular situation (and we encounter ALL situations). But it does not feed my creative side as much as I want it to soooo I’m looking for an outlet.

Confession #1: I don’t know how to blog.

I freakin’ don’t know how to blog. As a kind of writer or creative soul I have to feel a certain way to feel inspired or to feel “right” about what or how I’m writing. I can’t just sit down and write about a book or a film if it doesn’t give me some sort of spark. So I’m worried that my posts will be inconsistent, but being “worried” is what I’m done with. I’m going to be 30 this year, I’m going to have my second kid this year, and you know what–I’m going to start writing without worry this year too.

Confession #2: I don’t have a confession #2 but I felt like I needed more than one. Well maybe I confess that I also am blogging out of necessity.

I’m 6 months pregnant–due in August–and I just found out that I may lose my job at the end of June due to cutbacks. This is terrifying for many reasons. #1 financially obviously because we will have to start selling stuff (like our house) and my husband may have to work even longer hours, #2 because I LOVE my job and the amazing women and men I work with. We have a common goal–to support our students. But we also lift each other up, pray together and we laugh together every day. It’s an amazing thing to find a place to work where you feel the freedom to grow and have an impact on a community.

I said I was blogging partially out of necessity, but really I just need to write. In my senior year of college a guest writer came to our Poetry Workshop class and invited questions. So I asked, “When the real world hits, and you are doing things far from your writing, how do you keep writing?” She answered, “At some point, the writing will call you back.” It was that simple then, and it is that simple now. I hear the call and I’m going to answer. Here I am–now let’s get down to business.

Hearts & Coffee,

Julie -aka- The Review Mama



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