Avoidance Behavior: It’s for real.

13434794_10100936920176631_7611591059474610951_nGreetingsĀ people who still are willing to follow a blogger that is generally inconsistent with her posts! šŸ™‚ I’m a Mama of a three-year old girl who is about to become a big sister and I’m slowly (but quickly) losing my mind. I created this blog with a vision to review books, and write about my daily dealings with Mamahood. But I know myself. When things become overwhelming I begin to exhibit avoidance behavior. So the thing I avoided, was my blog. Ok ok ok, and folding the laundry. I avoided that too.

I am a working Mama at a place of higher education that is going through a pivotal time and experiencing a lot of changes. In the past month I have had to justify my position, interview for it, and bug the hell out of the administrators who have to sign off on my contract. All while pregnant and under the tyranny of a three-year old who tells me after watching Rachel Ray, “Mama, you’re not a cooker.” I responded saying that I cook everyday, and she pointed out that I don’t wear a hat so I’m not a “cooker.” I fired back that the glorious Rachel Ray is not wearing a hat as she deftly tosses shrimp and grits into a bowl. Lola stated with finality, “You’re still not a cooker.” I glowered into my mac & cheese.

That has been my life. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. But I do get a little avoidy and I’m sorry. So to hold myself accountable here is my to do list:

To Do:

  1. Finish this blog post about not blogging
  2. Put away the laundry that I folded two days ago
  3. Confront the laundry that I’ve been hiding in the dryer
  4. Be a “cooker” and make Lola something for lunch (maybe I’ll wear a hat to be legit)
  5. Remember to be thankful to be a wife, a Mama and to be employed